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Anupam Rajput said that we should walk according to our culture

Anupam Rajput had a live interview on July 16 at 10 pm, in which Anupam said that we should go according to our culture.

There is also the name of Anupam Rajput in India’s famous YouTuber and Anupam puts roasting and gaming videos on YouTube and Anupam is the only roaster who makes different videos from trending topics. Anupam was born in Patna and these days he is in New Delhi from where he is doing his graduation.

In a short time, Anupam has earned a good name and fame. Anupam had made some roasting videos to preserve the culture and other Youtubers roasted his video and after that Anupam made a reply video and gave a good message to society. From 2019 to 2021, he has won the hearts of more than 1 lakh 50 thousand plus subscribers.

Anupam had an interview on July 16 at 10 pm, “Interview with Mukesh Officials”, in which India’s singer-songwriter Mukesh Officials was the host and in that interview, Mukesh first talked to Anupam about some biography. 

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After that talk about how to stop the obscene acts happening on YouTube and Instagram. These days some influencers on Instagram are spreading obscenity from the reels and on this topic, Anupam spoke on the topic “Social media is a public place where everyone is watching you and they are doing that action on Instagram. Can he and she do the same thing in a public place?

After that Anupam talked about the purity of India and to save this purity, big creators and YouTubers should be supported. 

To be famous, it is not necessary to show your body parts, you can become famous by dancing, singing, lipsync, Blogging and speaking something in your voice and the obscenity which they are spreading, they are spoiling the culture of the country, I request to the public please do not support them.

In the end, Anupam said that, think a little about your family and your culture and go according to the culture. After all these things Mukesh Officials wished Anupam Rajput a very bright future and congratulated him for 150+ subscribers.

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