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My mission is Rape Free India, Shubham Mishra said in Interview with Mukesh Officials

Vadodara’s Youtuber Shubham Mishra recently gave a live interview. Shubham Mishra received a special welcome from Mukesh on his show Interview with Mukesh Officials with the tag of patriot.

Shubham Mishra is a popular YouTuber in India. Shubham was born and brought up in a Hindu family in Vadodara, Gujarat. He follows the Hindu religion and holds an Indian nationality. Shubham is a famous social media personality on the Internet. 
Shubham told an incident of his life that when a person was abusing India and Muslim brothers living in India, Shubham made a video and posted it in reply, and within a moment that video became viral. After that Shubham Mishra thought of becoming a YouTuber.
“Even if a person does a thousand good deeds and accidentally does one bad thing, then thousands of deeds destroy the deeds” – said Mukesh.
Shubham Mishra said in that interview, his mission is “Rape Free India” and for that Shubham stands to help every Indian sister that whenever something like this happens, she should tell Shubham so that Shubham can help her and make a safe India. Influencers must help their fans and contribute to saving the culture of India.
Shubham Mishra has a security agency that is ready for every Indian. Shubham told that his fans and the people of Baroda are always with him in good times as well as in bad times.

Shubham started the interview by keeping the country first and ended the interview with Jai Hind while leaving. 

Check out: YouTube video

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